A little bit about me as a writer.

Caren Gallimore, despite being born 133 years too late, lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains.

Her love for the Wild West began during a Girl Scout camp at an old Pony Express station in Utah. Her characters tend to write their own stories, and Caren is grateful to be asked to record them. She would prefer to do this during the day with a cup of coffee in hand instead of in the middle of the night or while in the shower. But, her characters follow their own timetable. Caren doesn’t always agree with her character’s decisions, but it all works out in the end.

Her passions beyond her family- are writing fiction as well as non-fiction, screen printing, long walk in the woods with her pup and illustrating life as she sees it.

Twice a year she travels south to the ocean and communicates with the mermaids who have their own stories to tell.

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