Another Time

colorado town

ANOTHER TIME will be a 95,000-word time-travel romance set in the wild west and the present day. A simple incident of being in the wrong place at the wrong time propels Jessalyn McQuire back 100 years into a time of vigilante justice, half-breed cowboys and high test horses.

At first, Jess is pleasantly amused by the shenanigans of this overdone John Wayne reenactment, but as time goes on, and real bullets start to fly, humor turns into the mother of all headaches.

Devon Slade is baffled by the woman he finds alone, without a horse, (although she claims to have a car), dressed in men’s clothing, black goo running down her face in a ghoulish manner, with no weapons and in need of assistance. Being graced with this problem when he was in the middle of making haste doesn’t endear her to him.

Chased by outlaws, attacked, robbed and nearly hung does little to entice Jess to stay in the Wild West. What she truly desires is a first class ticket home and a chilled martini. But, there is one little hitch to her quest to return home; obnoxious as the man is, he’s proven to be more dependable, more capable and more genuine than any man she’s met. If she could find her way home, would she really want to go?

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