International Kindness Day

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International kindness day is today, July 27th. Many may not know about this designated day, so I wanted to post it here. We all need acts of kindness in whatever form that may be.

Kindness is one of my goals, as I’m sure they are for many others. It’s a simple gesture that requires little to nothing to act upon.

A simple act of kindness can be to pay the bill for someone else at a restaurant or a drive-through. Maybe buy a Christmas gift for a youngster, even though your youngest is 32. Christmas stores are always looking for generous donations.

But there is another type of kindness that doesn’t require money or much effort. We all have experienced the cash register person having a lousy day, and the feeling has spilled over into her job. These people can bring the worst or the best out of us. Guess what? You get to choose.

Take a deep breath and find the positive. If the cashier looks tired, say, “this job must be tough waiting on people all day with barely any breaks,” or “I really like your tats,” even if you don’t find the beauty in the one you do. I love vivid colors.

Offer to bag your own groceries. Ask her/him how their day has been. Be willing to listen and let her/him know that you appreciate them.

Acts of kindness are so small you could do a hundred a day and still have room for more.

And it doesn’t have to be on International Kindness Day. It could be every day. Try it; I think it will grow on you.

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